Vaginal Mesh

Thousands of women over the past several years has implanted a product known as “Transvaginal Mesh”. This product has been and is still being produced by several manufactures. It is believed that medical doctors implanted the mesh without, among other things, adequately being informed by the manufactures of the postoperative effects the vaginal mesh would have on a women. These issues involved (i) a slow, but continual shrinking of the mesh, (ii) an actual embedding of the polymer mesh into the soft tissue of the woman’s organs and (iii) unaccounted for shifts in the location of the mesh.

Our firm is representing women who have had the vaginal mesh implanted. Many women have had revisions surgeries to remove the mesh, while others undergone attempts to remove the mesh as such may prove more harmful than good. And others are having only minor problems at this point some of whom have not even made complaints to their doctor.

Regardless of the situation, if you or a woman that you love has had the transvaginal mesh implanted call our firm. We have relationships with doctors and surgeons who are specialized to treat the issues related to tranvaginal mesh and who can help you or your loved one come up with a plan to deal with any issues or help minimize the risk of related issues.

So if you or a loved one has been hurt by vaginal mesh or has experienced any internal symptoms after having implanted transvaginal mesh, call me or fill out the intake below, Trent Garmon. 256-543-4878.

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