Uninsured Motorist

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a crash with a driver that did not have insurance coverage or did not have adequate insurance coverage?

The state of Alabama requires automobile owners to carry a minimum level of insurance coverage by law. Yet, according to the Insurance Research Council it is estimated that about 20% of drivers on the roads still do not have insurance coverage. In addition to requiring drivers to carry coverage, which often times does not happen, the state legislature has now required that insurance companies offer a type of coverage to help alleviate some of the risks posed by uninsured and underinsured drivers (also called UM/UIM). Uninsured drivers are those that are operating a motor vehicle without any liability or at fault insurance coverage. Underinsured drivers are those that have liability insurance but are involved in a crash which had damages in excess of the their liability policy amounts.

To shift the risks the insurance companies are required to offer by law this UM/UIM coverage. If they do not receive a written rejection the company could become responsible as if there was UM/UIM in place. Given this type of coverage is inexpensive we recommend that everyone has it added to their policy and it if was in place on your policy or the policy of a driver you were in the vehicle with when a crash occurs there is likely a way to collect compensation. This compensation could be for hospital bills, doctor bills, lost time from work, pain & suffering and other crash related damages. And our firm is experienced and prepared to force the insurance company to utilize every dollar of UM/UIM that is due for these and other types of damages related from a crash.

So if you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash with an uninsured motorist. Call me, Trent Garmon. 256-543-4878

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