Slip and Fall -or- Business/Property Liability

You are entitled to money for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, time away from family and other damages that stem from unsafe property or premises which you visit to conduct business or are invited to for the purpose of purchasing a product. This means that if you slip and fall, are injured by a falling product, are hurt by someone that you should have been protected from while at that place of business you can collect money for your injury.

A good example is a restaurant that allows its patrons to be exposed to dangerous people because they refuse to hire adequate security.  Or the business that knows it’s shelving is unsafe and by choosing to allow its customers to be exposed to this has a visiting customer become injured by a product that falls from a shelf and hits them.  These personal injuries cases, slip & fall cases and premise liability cases are part of the focus of our practice.  We will take on business to maximize the money you get for your damages.

When a business opens its doors and takes money from consumers, it is represented to the public that it will make the conditions of their store, restaurant or sales floor safe.  So if you are injured by an unsafe condition, contact us now!  Get Results!

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