Double Dipping Alex Shunnarah-ED me

The Alabama State Bar has determined that Alexander Shunnarah used an unethical provision in his attorney-client contracts.  And we have information that indicates his firm used these contracts for what appears to be an extended time period (perhaps over 10 years).  The unethical contractual provisions with his clients gave him the “right” to take an additional or second unethical fee on the reduction of medical bills.    

This litigation will have case expenses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But our firm,, finds it appropriate given it will ultimately act as a service to the people of the State of Alabama.  

All monies raised will be tracked by an independent bookkeeper.  And it will only be used for case expenses related to this litigation.   

While we have access to resources that would cover this litigation, it seems appropriate to invite the community to invest.   Any expenses we put into it come back out of the client’s portion.    By giving you will be fueling the litigation with cash and you will likely be saving that client/person who may be discovering that they were duped by someone in the legal profession.

Our firm is offering to help any of the following:

-Any individual who was represented by Mr. Shunnarah’s firm while that person was a minor,
-Any individual who had medical bill’s exceeding $100,000 and was represented by Mr. Shunnarah’s firm.
-Any individual who had an extra or additional fee charged on the reduction of their medical bills.

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