Noteworthy Verdicts & Settlements

Our firm approaches the complicated and difficult cases we handle with a “team” concept. While this does not mean that the case you, a loved one or friend may have will see the same results, we would be honored to evaluate any personal injury or wrongful death claim that you believe you may have. Our capable and experienced trial lawyers, as well as an excellent administrative and paralegal support staff all work together to seek the most favorable results possible for our clients.

Through our “team” approach, we have been able to achieve significant results for our clients. In just the past five (5) years our firm has opened over 1,000 files on behalf of our clients. There is no guarantee as to recovery, but as of date there has not been a client who whose case has been opened and accepted who has not received some amount of compensation. Below are some specifics of the experience and results our team members have been a part of:

$40,000,000 – Serving administratively as part of a legal team, a member of our team worked on a settlement that was obtained against a large entity with terms being confidential. (L.N.)

$20,000,000 –  Following the death of a loved one due to an illegally operated truck, a verdict was obtained after the efforts of a legal team which included Trent Garmon serving administratively by drafting a trial brief, working to help strike the jury as well as be a part of the settlement negotiations which led to the rejection of a $1,000,000 offer and obtaining of a record verdict. (B.W.M.)

$5,000,000 – Despite an extensive pattern and practice of speeding trucks, a large company denied responsibility after a truck ran a red light, struck and killed a woman.  Trent Garmon served administratively, conducted an investigation of the pattern and practice to include establishing the percentage of trucks that were speeding and continued to run traffic lights even after the crash, as well as worked on the discovery of evidence and motion practice which resulted in a verdict for the client. (B.R.)

$2,000,000 – A man lost his life due to a defect on the premises of a hospital and the negligent care that followed. He fell because of a defective condition striking his head while he was patient admitted to the hospital. The staff of that same hospital ignored his literal cries for help and disregarded the orders of a doctor to perform certain testing. As a result of the hospital staffs neglect the man had brain bleeding which when untreated for an extended time period leading ultimately to his death. The hospital denied any wrong doing and litigation ensued. Ultimately the case settled and the family was compensated for their loss. (15-1026 – LM v. Hospital)

$2,000,000 – A team member served administratively and was part of a successful effort in collecting on behalf of a client who had tragically lost a loved one in a traffic crash. (T.M.)

$521,000 – The client hired a lawyer which she became frustrated with after claiming her file “sat on his desk for over a year” without any action being taken. We accpeted her case and acted imediately on her behalf. The client’s sister took a prescription medication which did not contain adequate warnings and which we alleged lead to her death. Medical evidence supported our cliam and we alleged that the company knew about the side effects, yet sought to suppress the issues caused by their product. The major pharmecutical company fought the allegations denying that their product was the cause of the death and denying inadequate warnings. After preserving and obtaining key medical records and pressing the pharmecutical company to accept responsibility a settlement was reached on the client’s behalf. (D.C. v. Big Pharm. – 13-1067)

$400,000 – An apartment complex owned by a major corporate conglomerate, we aledge, allowed the conditions to deteriorate to such an extent that it breached the Alabama Landlord Tenant Act. Upon initial contact by the primary plaintiff, our firm quickly moved and secured mold and bacteria testing. The large conglomerate that owned the apartment complex adamantly denied that the conditions were unsafe or uninhabitable. And refused to pay any medical bills or reimburse rent despite us alleging the conditions were unsafe and our expert confirming such. Lawsuit was filed and following extensive litigation the corporate conglomerate agreed to pay on the claims of each one of the plaintiffs who remained. (13-1081 – P.W. v. Large Corporation)

$271,000 – A large pharmaceutical manufacture failed to properly warn of a risk consumers faced when using their drug. A young lady was prescribed the medication by her physician and used it as prescribed. Following a certain dosage being delivered into her system per the instructions of the prescription, she suffered a major cardiovascular event which we alleged was caused by the drug and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit for not less than five (5) days. One of our team member working with associated counsel fought and obtained a settlement offer after extended efforts on behalf of the injured young lady despite the company initially denying any responsibility. (J.D. 11-1094)

$230,000 – Woman had transvaginal mesh implanted without adequate warning of the side effects that her internal soft tissue and organs could become emeshed into the plastic of the implant and that other organ related issues could occur such as a loss of the ability to have bladder control. The company was placed on notice but battled the claim. After pressing into the evidence on our clients behalf a settlement was offered, negotiated and gladly accepted by the client. (11-1255 – DB v. E. Corporation)

$215,000 – Following the implantation of two different brands of vaginal mesh sling a lady experienced complications with infections, difficulty going to the bathroom, prolapse issues and other general complications. The manufacturers maintained that their product was and is safe for its intended use and denied any responsibility for our client’s medical issues. The firm, while working with associated counsel, prepared a claim, empowered a surgeon to work on the clients behalf and ensured that the mesh which was removed was preserved as evidence. Following these and other efforts a settlement was demanded and eventually the corporations agreed and paid a total as indicated above. The client was delighted and extremely satisfied given she did not have to attend a single deposition or trial based upon the way her case was prepared and handled. (H.R.G. v. Corporations – 15-1001)

$205,000 – The client suffered a broken wrist in a truck wreck which was not his fault. The insurance company denied responsibility. Immediately upon being retained, the firm took proactive steps to ensure that the vehicles were secured and nspected and other evidence was secured. The insurance company eventually settled the case pre-suit and the client was extremely and shocked with the favorable results.
(M.B. v. Company – 17-1011)

$205,500 – Client had vaginal mesh surgically implanted which caused complications of which she received no warning. The mesh was removed and our firm worked with a team of lawyers in the securing of a settlement following suit being filed on the clients behalf despite the company’s continued denial of the problems which it’s product caused. (DB – 11-1254)

$200,000 – A tractor trailer rear-ended a client and yet denied liability. The client suffered an injury which required a surgical procedure. The driver maintained that he was not at fault although he clearly caused the crash. A lawsuit was filed and through the discovery of evidence and mediation settlement was obtained.
(T.A. v. Trucking Company – 14-1021)

$180,000 – The client was injured in a motorcycle wreck that was not his fault. The insurance company offered to pay his medical bills and give him $10,000 for pain and suffering. The firm undertook representation and through strategic efforts forced the carrier to pay $180,000 which ended up paying all him medical bills and netting the client over $66,500 in his pocket. That’s over 6 times what he was offered before our representation. (17-1009-BB)

$130,000 – Recovered on behalf of an injured worker who sustained a back injury on the job.  Despite the defense denying the extent of his injury, even having a doctor allege his permanent damages did not restrict work our firm filed suit and after conducting discovery and mediating the case received a court ordered settlement on our client’s behalf. (J.M. v. J.P. Inc. – 11-1166)

$125,000 – Our client was walking in a covered walkway between buildings when she fell on a hidden hazard that the company had notice of, but failed to remedy. The video was very clear and because of their negligence our client suffered a moderate injury. Despite the insurance company denying the claim, through our firm’s efforts to preserve evidence, litigate and force the defendant through mediation we were able to obtain an excellent settlement for our very grateful client. (J.S. v. Company – 13-1103)

$105,000 – During a final work task the client injured his shoulder and neck while working for a major automobile manufacturer. The company denied the claim alleging that they were not given “notice” and that his neck injury could not be related to the job he performed for the company. Suit was filed and during litigation the client filed for Social Security benefits. After extensive litigation including depositions and a hearing a settlement was obtained on behalf of the client and structured to minimally affect his Social Security benefits which were successfully appealed by our firm during the litigation of the on-the-job injury case. (M.S. – 12-1118)

$105,000 – Our client sustained an on-the-job injury after falling from his work area and injuring his neck. Responsibility for payment was denied and through our firm’s efforts to include filing suit, retaining an expert, conducting depositions a settlement was obtained which was over and above all the medical treatment that was forced to be paid for by the insurance company. (T.H. – 11-1213)

$90,000 – A retail shopping center had a defective wheelchair ramp which caused an injury to our client. The company that owned the property and the insurance company denied any responsibility despite their own investigator conducting an investigation. We filed suit. Witnesses who saw the fall were able to be tracked down using social media and an expert was retained who confirmed the ramp was defective. After defeating the defendant’s motion to have the case kicked out on “summary judgment” a settlement was able to be obtained through mediation. (W.P. 13-1071)

$83,000 – After refusing any settlement negotiations and fully denying responsibility our firm filed suit, conducted discovery and was awarded a verdict following trial on our client’s behalf.  The defendant had was careless and defrauded our client who had made certain payments for work that was not complete despite promises being made. (M.M. v. J.T. – 11-1179)

$75,000 – Our firm sued a driver that struck the vehicle of our client carelessly causing a neck injury.  The insurance company refused to pay the full value of the claim until we filed suit and conducted discovery of evidence.  Following medical and party depositions the insurance company paid the maximum available under their policy. (L.S. – 12-1131)

$63,250 – Our clients were struck from the rear by a commercial truck directly on the tow-hitch of their truck causing almost unnoticeable damages to the vehicle.  Yet injuries were alleged and treatment was rendered.  Despite denying any responsibility, our firm filed suit, conducted medical and party depositions and through mediation forced the insurance company to pay our clients a settlement.
(R.M. & R.W. v. P. & E. Inc. – 13-1016)

$55,000 – Recovery on behalf of an injured lady whose leg was caught by falling boxes after a delivery truck driver carelessly stacked frozen food outside of a cooler.  The bottom box began to thaw and the boxes feel striking our lady and trapping her leg.  Suit was filed and medical depositions were conducted which led to the company paying our client. (T.G. v. P.M. Inc. – 2015)

$50,000 – Our client struck a vehicle that pulled into his lane of travel. The vehicle driver acted unreasonable by pulling out into traffic to allegedly get out of the way of an ambulance. The ambulance was not able to be seen by the vehicles traveling on the same roadway as our client. The client sustained injuries, was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Despite a total denial of liability, suit was filed and following the full completion of evidence discovery a settlement was obtained. (J.B. – 11-1054)

$40,000 – A convenience store failed to maintain safe premises which led to the fall and subsequent injury of a lady. The client suffered a broken arm which required surgical repair. The insurance company denied the claim and a lawsuit was filed. The store owner dodged the service of the lawsuit and maintained no responsibility for the fall. Evidence confirmed the danger and through the discovery of evidence and mediation the case was able to be settled on our clients behalf. (T.D. – 13-1109)

$40,000 – Our client injured her arm while on-the-job. The injury was not permanent. The employer denied notice of the injury and the adjuster assigned to the file made false statements to one of our lawyers. Our firm was able to secure evidence of the false statements and was able after filing suit to force settlement on our client’s behalf. (E.W. 13-1055)

$35,000 – A minor child suffered a laceration to one of her fingers while visiting a family friend at the rental property the friend was leasing. Despite several requests by the friend to the landlord for the condition to be fixed the landlord ultimately refused to make repairs and it was that dangerous condition which led to the injury to our client’s child. Suit was filed and after discovery of evidence and mediation a settlement was obtained. (K.B. – 12-1133)

$35,000 – Our client was a patron at a night club when a bouncer made derogatory remarks towards him.  The situation escalated leading to our client being pushed which led to his fall and an injury to his wrist.  The owner of the bar denied any responsibility for his employees actions and the insurance company for the business denied responsibility until we drafted a lawsuit and demanded payment.  Settlement was obtained despite denial within mere months of being retained.
(S.B. v. B.L. Inc. – 14-1017)

$35,000 – The client and minor child were traveling on a state road when a vehicle in front of them stopped.  Despite our clients legally stopping and having working taillights the driver of a large truck failed to exercise due caution and slammed into our client’s vehicle.  Medical and diagnostic treatment was done and following a well-crafted demand and tough settlement negotiations the insurance company paid a settlement to our clients. (D.S. v. B.K. Inc. – 14-1032)

$30,000 – A driver who had no insurance struck our client causing serious damages.  Our firm was able to force our client’s auto insurance company to pay the maximum under her uninsured motorist policy and an additional $5,000 of ‘medpay’ all without having to go through litigation.  Then with over $96,000 of medical bills and a hospital lien our firm was able to demand and obtain a reduction of the health insurance company’s claim for repayment. Following this a full release of the lien was obtained with over a 92% reduction in the repayment.  This allowed for our client to recoup for money for her pain and suffering. (K.W. v. T.O. – 15-1017)

$25,000 – Client fell while visiting a strip mall as a prospective patron. She fell due to what we allege was a defect on the premises and was obscured from view. The company denied the claim, said our client contributed to her injury and alleged we had “no case”. The company even ask a judge to kick out the case which we fought and the judge agreed that the case should be allowed to be presented to a jury. After retaining an expert and pressing at mediation the company agreed to settle the claim.
(K.M. v. Company – 11-1184)

$25,000 – After being t-boned in a car crash our client received medical treatment and was later released with no permanent injury.  The insurance company for the driver attempted to avoid responsibility, but eventually paid the maximum available under the policy for the damages caused to our client. (F.P. – 13-1037) 

$24,950 – Despite total denial of the claim our firm was able to file suit and force mediation for an injured worker. In addition to all of her medical expenses being paid a settlement was obtained on behalf of the client which was structured to minimally affect her Social Security benefits which were won by the firm during the pendency of her on-the-job injury case. (J.A. – 11-1001)

$17,500 – After having her vehicle struck by another motor vehicle a client obtained a settlement despite not obtaining medical care for over a month following the collision. Through the efforts of our team, the client was able to recoup even though the insurance company totally denied the injury claim and denied any responsibility to pay allege that there was too great a gap in treatment following the crash. Our team successfully demanded and obtained a settlement for our client. (S.H. 12-1171)

$15,500 – A truck struck the vehicle of our client who was injured. No major or permanent injury was present and medical expenses were minimal. After a total denial of responsibility through our firm’s efforts a settlement was able to be obtained for our client. (G.H. – 10-1078)

$15,000 – A settlement was obtained after a young man sustained a minimal injury wherein a vehicle pulled out in front of him on a state highway. The defense denied any responsibility and actually produced a witness who alleged the crash was our clients fault. Despite the potentially fatal surprise witness a settlement was still pressed for an obtained by our team. (J.S. – 11-1040)

$10,000 – Without the need for even filing suit, our firm preserved evidence, obtained medical records and demanded payment on our client’s behalf who bit down on a chicken bone or “foreign object” which was in a sandwich from a major fast food restaurant. Responsibility was initially denied and despite not having a receipt, having preexisting issues with the same part of his mouth that we allege was injured before the incident, we were able to secure a monetary settlement within a very short period of time and satisfy the client. (M.S.B. – 15-1043)

$7,500 – Client injured her wrist from repetitive motion on the job and her employer denied any responsibility. While on-the-job injury cases can have great value, other injuries are very nominal, meaning the overall value is difficult to justify even accepting the case. Despite having the minimal injury our firm decided to help the client. Our client hurt her wrist while working for a large manufacturing plant. One doctor alleged that she made a full recovery and the client acknowledged having no real issues with her wrist. From our efforts, she was paid while out of work and had all of her medical expenses paid by the company. Additionally, she was compensated over and above her out of work pay and medical expenses through a settlement based upon a disputed impairment. (G.B. – 12-1179) 

These are just some of the case results which indicate no matter how large and potentially even small the case may be if our firm accepts the case we will strive for excellence. In addition to our personal injury practice, as a service to the general public our firm has been involved with other types of cases in the past to include Free Speech, Criminal and even Administrative cases. Below are just a few of the results we were able to obtain:

Free Speech Victory – The firm represented a minister in a Free Speech case after a major University forbid him from sharing the Gospel in a common area on campus.  Suit was filed in the United States District Court – Middle Division and following a hearing and discovery of evidence the University agreed to settle the case, pay monetary damages and allow for the client to freely exercise his right to share the Gospel in the area once disputed. (JM v. University – 2012 – 12-1152)

Case Dismissed – A Hispanic man from Florida who spoke virtually no English was indicted for Felony Burglary and Theft.  He faced two counts which carried between two and twenty years each in prison, thus a forty year sentence was possible.  And any conviction or even a plea bargain would have resulted in the revocation of this visa.  He is a hardworking man and a husband and father of young children.  While working he was the victim of a mistaken identity and despite maintaining his innocence to authorities through a translator he was arrested and subsequently indicted on two felony counts by a Grand Jury.  The firm was retained, conducted an investigation, filed seven motions before the court and forced the dismissal of the felony charges allowing for the client and his wife to travel back to their children in Florida free and without placing the husband’s visa in jeopardy. (State v. YL – 2012 – 12-1111)  

Not Guilty following Trial – The client was arrested following an allegation that she had stolen a vehicle.  She was subsequently arrested and maintained her innocence.  Trent Garmon became her attorney and forced the trial of her case which resulted in her being found not guilty and going free. (City v. NR – 2010 – 10-1011)

Case for Injunctive Relief against Pro-Life Christians Dismissed and Eventually the Abortion Clinic was Closed – Members of the team defended a nationwide prayer group which consisted of a ministry leader and group of young people. The team worked alongside the American Center for Law and Justice lawyers and based on our lawyer’s arguments at a hearing the case filed against the pro-life Christians was dismissed. The team had the rare opportunity to take the deposition of the abortion clinic owner who had literally gone outside and used as a pretext the operating of a weed eater right by where our Christians were standing on public property. The scheme to instill fear and prevent the Christians from exercising their First Amendment right was revealed and the owner was forced on the record to admit the safety issue she had created. Through the continual efforts of the clients and other pro-life Christians the clinic was closed.
(New Women All Women)

Not Guilty following 2 day Trial – A client was accused of harassment and arrested on two counts. The alleged victims craftily lined up six (6) witnesses to testify against our client. Additionally videos were produced by the prosecutor depicting the alleged harassment. We challenged the prosecutor’s witnesses and through a video that was shot from a different angle were able to impeach the alleged victims while they were on the witness stand in cross examination which resulted in our client being found not guilty. Television and radio stations, as well as newspaper and internet media reported on the case. (J.F. 13-1003)


Required and Appropriate Disclaimer:
These recoveries and testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, the injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors. Furthermore, no representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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