Prescribed Zofran as an anti-nausea during pregnancy? Did you know that it has now been linked to Birth Defects?

May 16th, 2015

If you know of a baby who has a defect and his/her mother took Zofran during pregnancy – be informed. A new batch of suits has been filed against one of the makers of Zofran, GlaxcoSmithKline, following more than 200 reports of birth defects in children who were exposed during the early pregnancy of their mother. Cases were filed in California Superior court on 30 March 2015 which followed others one having been filed in Massachusetts and one in Pennsylvania. Each of these cases allege congenital issues caused by the drug to include hear defects. The prescription of Zofran was given to mother who were experiencing nausea and vomiting associated with being pregnant. The problem is a lack of adequate testing in pregnant mother and the drug was not approved for use in pregnant mothers by the FDA.

The drug manufacturer improperly marketing Zofran to treat pregnancy related nausea and vomiting. These allegations of improperly marketing follow an agreement by Glaxo to settle with the U.S. Department of Justice for a fine of $3 billion for mismarketing other medications says one of the new lawsuits. The settlement with the government included allegations that Glaxo had improperly marketed Zofran to treat morning sickness which is the very same claim now asserted by the plaintiffs.

The University of Colorado, Stanford University, and London’s Royal Free Hospital have all had scientist reveal from research that when taken during pregnancy, Zofran does in fact cross the placenta to reach the developing fetus. This becomes a problem because it remains longer in the body of the unborn child than with the mother given the half-life is longer in the unborn child. Thus, the elimination rate in the unborn child is not as efficient as that in the mother which scientist are alleging has caused the defects. A report in the journal Clinical Pharmcikinetics indicates that the samples taken by 41 women prior to surgical termination of a pregnancy revealed what was believed to be dangers levels by scientist.

If you, a friend or loved one has experienced a birth defect and the mother was taking Zofran during pregnancy, contact our firm. Any birth defect, heart condition or abnormality may have been caused by the medication. Contact us at 256-543-HURT.

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