On the Job Injuries -or- Workers Compensation

Accidents and injuries often happen at the workplace. If you are suffering from a work-related injury, you are entitled to compensation from your employer for lost wages, medical bills, and permanent disability. The workers’ compensation system applies if you are injured on the job, even if you are unable to work or perform the duties you used to.

The Garmon Law Firm can help you determine the nature and severity of your injury, as well as how it interferes with your work. We then take that information to determine your eligibility for benefits. Sometimes these factors are disputed. Your employer may not agree with the degree to which your injury interferes with your work, or even the extent of the injury, which can result in your benefits being denied.

Whether you are temporarily or permanently disabled, we will work hard to help you secure the benefits you need. We have successfully represented workers suffering from injuries sustained in work-related accidents, whether at a construction site or in an industrial setting. Examples of some job injuries include

  • Industrial accidents
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Construction accidents

If you have suffered a work injury or an accident at work and want to seek compensation for your lost wages or you need representation because you have been denied compensation benefits, contact us to schedule a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case.  Prior to your consultation, please download and complete the form below, either in Adobe or Word.  It will help speed up the process.


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