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    Client-Attorney Agreement

    You hereinafter called "Client(s), does hereby request and authorize The Garmon Law Firm, which may include an associate attorney with said firm, hereinafter called "Attorney" to represent Client(s) as legal counsel for all purposes in connection with injuries and damages arising out of an incident referenced in your injury date based upon the following condition:

    1. Attorney will devote his full professional abilities to case, and Client(s) agree(s) to fully cooperate with Attorney. Attorney will not settle the case without Client's(s') approval. Client acknowledges the electronic communications act and the other applicable laws that bind an individual via an electronic assent as one would be bound by way of a written signature and also which, among other things, bar the conveyance of fraudulent or untrue information.

    2. Client will pay Attorney in the injury claim for his services 40% of any kind and all amounts recovered before trial 40% if lawsuit is filed and case is settled before trial; and 45% if said matter goes to trial provided such fee shall be computed from the gross recovery with all costs as referred to in Paragraph Three hereafter being deducted. "Before Trial" means before a jury is impaneled to hear the case or if the case is settled the day trial is scheduled to begin. It is acknowledged that if there is an Appeal of the case any penalty involved against the other side, including interest, shall be paid as an additional fee for our handling the Appeal of the case. ((a) before suit filed; b) after suit is filed; c) after trial begins) SO LONG AS THE CLIENT ALLOWS THE ATTORNEY TO PROCEED IN THE EVENT OF NO RECOVERY, CLIENT SHALL OWE ATTORNEY NOTHING FOR SERVICES RENDERED as per our NO FEE GUARANTEE.

    3. Client(s) agree(s) to pay all costs of investigation, preparation and trial of case and authorize(s) Attorney to deduct his fee and then such costs from the proceeds recovered. An example of typical expenses include, but are not limited to, the following, to-wit: (1) expert or investigator time spent on your case; (2) cost of photocopying; (3) postage; (4) bookkeeping fee of at minimum, but not limited to $50.00; (5) automobile mileage and/or gasoline; (6) costs of court reporters for oral depositions; (7) photographic film and costs of development of said film; (8) cost for your medical records/hospital records; (9) fee that a doctor or other medical professional may charge for expert witnesses including the oral deposition for the expert, conferences with the expert for trial, (10) paralegal and receptionist expense and (10) witness fee or mileage expense for appearance at trial. The client understands a line of credit for case expenses is established by the firm and a reasonable rate of interest may be bore by the firm for the expenses advanced which the client may be responsible for per this agreement. Client(s) authorize(s) and direct(s) Attorney to deduct from Client's(s') share of proceeds, directly to GLF as reimbursement for expenses or any doctor, hospital, expert or other medical creditor, any unpaid balance due them for Client's(s') care and treatment.

    4. CLIENT(S) AGREE(S) THAT ATTORNEY HAS MADE NO PROMISES OR GUARANTEES REGARDING THE OUTCOME OF CLIENT'S(S') CLAIM. Client(s) understand(s) Attorney will investigate Client's(s') claim and, if after so investigating, claim does not appear to them to have merit, then Attorney shall have the right to cancel this agreement. If the client becomes dissatisfied or unhappy and discharges the attorney and the attorney disputes such grounds, the client agrees that any future recovery from another lawyer will be subject to an attorney's lien for a Quantum Merit claim for any and all work done by GLF regardless of whether a lawsuit was filed. Nothing will be owed if no recovery is made.

    5. Client(s) agree(s) that GLF may associate an Attorney of their choice to assist in this claim and that if GLF does retain another Attorney, or law firm, to assist in this case that GLF will pay the other Attorney, or law firm, out of his percentage as stated in Paragraph 2 hereinabove and there will be no additional fee to the Client(s). This includes attorneys in an of counsel agreement with GLF or an attorney operating independently. This includes attorneys in an of counsel agreement with GLF or an attorney operating independently; and those licensed in various states with the understanding that Trent Garmon, who is licensed to practice law in Alabama, may seek pro hac vice to be involved on a case-by-case basis in another state.

    6. Limited Power of Attorney: Client(s) expressly authorize(s) Garmon Law Firm and/or the individual attorney handling the case to endorse his or her name on an insurance company settlement draft on his or her behalf to allow for such to be deposited into the Trust Account and to forward his or her portion of the settlement proceeds to him or her after payment of Attorney's fees and expenses pursuant to this contract between Client(s) and Attorney. Client(s) also expressly authorize attorney to obtain any and all information necessary to handle my case, thus as part of this Power of Attorney a Release of Information is hereby granted.

    7. Client's File: The Client's(s') does hereby acknowledge and agree to allow GLF to store his/her/their file electronically and authorizes the "filing clerk" who is a designated agent or independent contractor of GLF to handle in any manner necessary documents, to include medical records, on behalf of the client in order to properly maintain said file. The storage includes electronic storage on an external hard drive at one of the office's physical locations and electronic storage on an internet cloud drive such as Google Drive and/or iCloud. The Client(s) acknowledges and understands the file will be password protected with the local file being protected with at minimum one (1) layer of encryption requiring a password. The Client's(s') hard file will be retained for seven (7) years after the close of a case, after which time the file may be purged. On or before the purge date of the file, Client(s) may request the file be returned to him or her. The attorney reserves the right to charge the Client(s) a Twenty-five and no/100 Dollar ($25.00) fee retrieval and processing fee for return of the file. Client(s) understand(s) that it is the responsibility of the Client(s) to request in writing the return of the file.

    I (We) have read this contract, or have had it read to me (us), have received a copy of it and agree to the terms and conditions. I am competent to contract and understand that this is the full agreement and any prior agreement is hereby voided. I agree that if any portion held invalid in this agreement is hereby severed and the remainder of the agreement is held as binding. There are no other oral agreements between Client(s) and Attorney. Dated and confirmed this the date of my electronic submission.

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