Laparoscopic Hysterectomy or Myomectomy Morcellation Lawsuit

June 30th, 2016


If you have recently undergone a laparascopic hysterectomy or myomectomy and you have been diagnosed with cancer following the surgery, you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the makers and distributors of the morcellator device, also known as the power morcellator.

What is the morcellator device?

The morcellator device is used during laparascopic hysterectomies or fibroid removal surgeries (myomectomies) to treat uterine fibroids and remove the uterus. The device divides the tissues into smaller pieces in order to remove the matter through a small incision, providing a quicker recovery and less scarring.

What is the danger associated with the morcellator device?

Recents complaints have been made associated with the spread of cancer cells due to the use of the morcellator device. Many women have been diagnosed with upstaged uterine or abdominal sarcomas. A sarcoma, also known as leiomyosarcoma, is a rare, aggressive, and often terminal cancer that starts as a malignant tumor. This type of cancer attacks the connective and supportive tissues of the body, including cartilage, fat, bone, muscle, and the vascular system.

The morcellator device may cause the spread of cancerous tissue outside of the uterus when the device is used during hysterectomies or myomectomies for uterine fibroids. While the FDA now discourages the use of the morcellator device and encourages patients to consider other treatment options, many women have already become the victims of this dangerous procedure method.

Many women who opt for a laparascopic hysterectomy or myomectomy to address uterine fibroids have an unsuspected uterine sarcoma they are unaware of. If the use of a morcellator device occurs during their procedure, there is a risk that the cancerous tissue can spread through the pelvis and abdomen, worsening their chances of the proper removal of the cancer in a timely manner.

Power Morcellator Lawsuit

If you are a victim of the spread of cancer or a cancer diagnosis associated with the use of a power morcellator during a laparascopic procedure, legal action can be taken to compensate you for your financial losses and medical expenses. With the FDAs official warning that the device may spread cancer occurring in April 2014, the makers and sellers of the power morcellator must now answer for their negligence. The spread of unsuspected cancer due to the morcellator device can significantly reduce your likelihood of long-term survival. To learn more about how we can help you gain back what you have lost financially and help you pursue other avenues of health, contact our office.  At the Garmon Law Firm, we will be happy to answer your questions during a free consultation.


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