Invokana Lawsuit

A class of type 2 diabetes medications that includes Invokana (canagliflozin) has been linked to dangerous side effects, including ketoacidosis, a condition that may lead to diabetic coma and death.

Serious Invokana Side Effects

Invokana and similar drugs have strong links to ketoacidosis. There is also evidence that the drugs can cause impaired kidney function, heart problems, bone breaks, and other health complications.

In June 2016, the FDA introduced new kidney warnings for Invokana, Invokamet, Farxiga, and Xigduo XR, saying that the drugs were linked to adverse event reports of acute kidney injury that in some cases required hospitalization. Symptoms of kidney injury include decreased urine and swelling in the legs or feet. Some patients have filed Invokana kidney failure lawsuits, claiming that the manufacturer did not sufficiently warn of possible renal side effects.

Lawsuit Eligibility

To be eligible for an Invokana lawsuit, a person must have taken Invokana (or a similar drug) and suffered ketoacidosis, kidney injury, or another type of unforeseen injury. The death of a patient who is taking an SGLT2 inhibitor may also be cause for legal action.

What to Do If You Are Affected

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