Hot Footin’

November 30th, 2018

Kids love to be trendy. In recent years one of the hot trends in kidswear has been shoes that light up. From just simple glitter to multicolored featuring various princess, Batman to Mickey Mouse, these have been features in kids footwear for several year now. But are they a harmless fad?  

Skechers carries over twenty different varieties in light up shoes for kids. But is Skechers, sketchy?  They already paid 40 million dollars in 2012 for making unsubstantiated claims of the health benefits of their “toning shoes.” Now they are facing a class action suit for their light up shoes. If the battery ruptures the acid can cause chemical burns on the feet on the people wearing the shoes. Glitter explosion indeed – they don’t market that brand anymore. Go figure. But they have carried over 100 different light-up varieties for kids.

If your munchkins are running around with light up-shoes – be aware that there are dangers in this product. They need to be inspected periodically to make sure nothing is leaking internally.  Never, ever put light-up shoes in a washing machine or drier.  This is something that the class action suit alleges that Skechers never bothered to tell people.

If your little one’s shoes light up and your child got burned in your purchase of shoes, hot foot in to see us.

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