Happy Valentine’s Day!!

February 14th, 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a blessing that we have a day specifically set apart to celebrate love! And with all of the confusion as to the meaning of “love” and “marriage” it isn’t it encouraging to learn that St. Valentine clearly understood both and was willing to pay a dear price.

Per history, Valentine lived during a day when the Roman Empire was at war and in desperate need of soldiers. Emperor Claudius believed it would be beneficial to forbid marriage among young people. This was done in hopes of decreasing the number of young soldiers with a “divided interest”, that being those soldiers who would have been commissioned to fight, yet have back home a young bride to whom they may never return.

Believing strongly in God’s plan for marriage, and specifically one man and one woman, in the midst of an edict forbidding such and in the middle of a society rampant with sexual immorality, St. Valentine hosted again and again traditional marriages. He was eventually jailed and ordered to be executed. The execution was ordered in 269 AD to be done by “beating, stoning” and then “decapitation”. All for officiating the ordinance which he believed God ordained as a means of channelling love and bringing forth life.

Regardless, Valentine stood his ground and was executed. History has it that before his execution, he actually prayed for the daughter of one of the Judges who presided over his case. This daughter was literally healed of blindness. Yet in their blindness, the Roman empire still executed upon its unjust ruling and executed St. Valentine. In one of his final letters from prison to Judge Asterius’ daughter (the once blind girl), he wrote encouraging words to her and of the great love and goodness of God closing the letter with “from your Valentine.”

Praise God for sending us His beloved Son, our King, as a great indication of His love and forgiveness for us. May you experience, whether it’s from a friend, spouse or family member, the great love that God intends for us to understand. And may we appreciate the great dedication to love lived out in the life of a single minded man which give us the means of saying that today is truly a gift “from your Valentine”.

By: Trenton R. Garmon, JD, MA




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