Attorney’s Fee – Zero Fee Guarantee

We have a two (2) part Zero Fee Guarantee. If you will allow us to represent you, we will not charge a fee unless we (1) collect on your behalf and (2) collect more for you then you have been offered on your own. This simply assumes that you will entrust us to work on your behalf and will work to complete that job. We assume the financial risk of investing attorney’s time, case expenses and unrecoupable office overhead into your case.

Contingent Fees are based upon a percentage of the amount recovered in your case. This means that you as the client are represented free of charge and only have to pay a percentage if we win. Contingent fees typically apply in wrongful death and personal injury such as automobile accidents, slip & fall, premise liability, prescription drug claims, dog bit cases, malpractice cases and other personal injury cases.

Case expenses for bringing the claim or case are advanced by our firm and if we do not collect we assume the loss. Our goal and what is most likely to occur is that we will invest into your case and collect on your behalf. If this is done these expenses are reimbursed to our firm from the recovery given they were expenses required to build the case. The expenses may include court filing fees, subpoena service fees, expert witness or private investigator fees and other fees related to our dedication to excellence in handling your case. You will then receive a settlement check from our firm.

For each settlement or judgment we will provide to you a Distribution Sheet. This is a statement signed by us and by you itemizing the total recovery, the total medical bills paid on your behalf (if any), the total expenses, the attorney’s fee and the net amount to you. You will be provided a copy of the settlement check which would have been deposited into our firm’s Trust Account and then you will be tendered a check for the amount that you are entitled to per our contract.

We firmly believe in and encourage clear communication from the very beginning of our relationship with our clients. We welcome any inquiries about our fee structure at any point in our representation of you. It is our goal to seek the maximum recovery under the law to which you would be entitled and with our Zero Fee Guarantee we believe we can legitimate you allow us to represent you.

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