The FDA Warning About Invokana

July 15th, 2016


If you or someone you know has taken Invokana, we encourage you to call our office immediately. There are significant side effects associated with taking this dangerous drug, so it is in your best interest to speak with a doctor about using a different medication and then to call our office to discuss your legal options if you have suffered harm from taking this drug.

FDA Alert:  The FDA issued a formal warning for patients that are taking this type 2 diabetes medication. The warning was sent out to family practitioners, nursing staff, and those practicing Endocrinology. In other words, your doctor or physician should be well aware of the dangers associated with taking Invokana. In fact, it is likely that they were aware of this FDA alert when prescribing it to you. If not, they certainly should have been since the warning was issued in September of 2015.

The FDA alert for Invokana addressed the issue with the decrease in bone mineral density along with concerns related to bone fractures and the need to continue to evaluate the risks that are associated with taking this drug. The warning included updates to side effect labeling and for doctors to be informed when prescribing to patients. The FDA warned that any patient taking Invokana who had suffered from bone fractures or a loss of bone density in the hip and spine should speak with their doctor and discuss taking a new drug immediately.

A Failure to Warn Patients

The challenge is that many doctors have failed to warn their patients about the true risks involved with taking Invokana. If you are one of them and have suffered a serious health consequences as a result of taking this drug, you are entitled to financial compensation to pay for your injuries, additional medical bills, time you missed from work, and pain and suffering. However, your doctor is not going to simply offer this to you, nor is the drug manufacturer. To receive the compensation you deserve, you need to hire an attorney. At our office we are experienced at handling Invokana cases and know how to maximize the value of our clients claims.   Remember, as a patient you have the right to receive safe medical care and to take drugs that are not going to harm you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in order to hold the drug manufacturer accountable, you need to file a case in civil court. We can help you to do so.

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