Bad Medicine – Opioids and the real data

November 15th, 2018



Opioids. Like it or not, they are out there. The come in an array of “flavors” like Codeine, Vicodin, Hycodan, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Percoset, MS- and Oxy- contin, and Duragesic. Opioids are more prescribed than blood pressure drugs, cholesterol controls, or anxiety medication.

They have a legitimate use in pain control. But they are addictive and prone to misuse. And when not used properly they are very dangerous.

And many lawyers are calling out the manufactures. The theory is that the manufactures are putting out a dangerous product only for the money, with no regard to the consequences, and no attempt to limit the danger to the community they are addicting.

Several manufactures, including Johnson & Johnson, Endo International, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Purdue Pharma and distributors like Cardinal and AmerisourceBergen, are being sued. Several states attorneys general are taking up the fight. But some states are being slow, so smaller localities and personal injury lawyers have taken up the fight. But even that may change. President Trump has instructed t he US Attorney General to sue companies that contributed to the opioid crisis.

Lawsuits are flowing on all sides. They say that the defendants have knowingly prescribed, created, distributed and/or sold a dangerous addictive product. Despite government efforts to slow the pace, overdoses and deaths continue. When a company distributes more bottles of opioids to a county than the population of that county, do they really expect people to believe that was a legitimate use for an dangerous, addictive product? (Link here for the story).

The chemical mechanism in opioids is very similar to that of heroin – no wonder it’s a problem. If misused, or negligently prescribed, it can easily lead to addiction. Manufacturers have been accused of failing to provide adequate warnings, misrepresenting the risks, failing to report suspicious sized orders and employing fraudulent endorsers.

Millions of people have had an opioid use disorder. Hundreds die every day from overdoses. We hope you are not wrestling with this problem.  If you are, you need to get help.  We can help with the legal stuff.

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