ATTENTION – For Those Women Who Have Implanted Mirena – Please read the following and contact our office if this applies

June 26th, 2013

1. Have you had the Mirena IUD implanted?

2. Did you go to your 4-6 week follow up appointment and your doctor has confirmed that your Mirena IUD was properly implanted?

3. Has the Mirena IUD has perforated your uterus or other organ? Or has the Mirena moved out of position, gravitated and has become embedded in your uterus or an organ and/or is there a perforation injury? Or have you had the Mirena device removed through Laparoscopic surgery?

If you answer YES to questions 1, 2 or any of those found in 3 – you more than likely have a valid claim for compensation.

This company has over 2 million women using their products and they have failed to adequately warn doctors and the patients. Since Mirena’s approval by the FDA in 2000 hundreds of millions of dollars have been made by the sale and implanting of this device. Clearly the manufacturer should be held liable for failing to adequately warn women of these risks.

While the product does well at preventing unplanned pregnancies, it does pose safety risks consumers should be aware of before willingly receiving it. Therefore, contact our office if you meet these criteria. We would be honored to evaluate your case and seek compensation.

Other symptoms:

-Infections bladder and kidney

-Uterus removal


-Ectopic pregnancy

-Ovarian cysts

-Pelvic inflammatory disease


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