Another Roundup with Monsanto

September 14th, 2018

A while back we talked about Monsanto and their use of glycophosphate (the principal ingredient in Roundup ™ ). We said it would be problematic and things will have to be determined. Well, it’s time that things start to get determined all right. And speaking of Time – you can check out their coverage of this right here.  

Long story short, the jury unanimously awarded the victim 39 million dollars, and socked Monsanto with $250 million dollars in punitive damages in a judgment for failure to warn users of the pesticide of potential health hazards associated with their chemical. Monsanto was bought by Bayer in 2016. And, what a surprise, Bayer will be retiring the Monsanto name. They probably hope that their reputation as a medicine maker will offset the negative associate the Monsanto brand carries.

But will that work? There are another five thousand cases already in the pipeline of the US’s legal system. Glycophosphates were found to be “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization back in 2015. There is a correlation between farming with pesticides and incidences of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Monsanto claims it is safe, yet they have a study from over 30 years ago that says otherwise. That study, entitled “A Chronic Feeding Study of Glycophosphate (Roundup Technical) in Mice,” found a statistical increase in tumors in mice exposed to glycophosphate. And in 1985 an EPA statistician wrote disagreeing with Monsanto stand on glycophosphate. He wrote, “Glycophosphate is suspect. Monsanto’s argument is unacceptable.”

And yet here we are. We hope you aren’t having to deal with this terrible disease. But if you are, you need legal help. Talk to an attorney to find out how you can get that help. If you want to talk to us, you can contact us through the website or call us at 877-717-5342.    

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