Agony of the Feet

December 15th, 2018

Last time we talked about burning feet. This time we’re tackling a similar theme, but from a different cause. While it isn’t battery acid, uric acid buildup can cause a similar feeling – like your feet are on fire. Gout is the disease when uric acid builds up and causes swelling in the joints. It’s related to arthritis and can be debilitatingly painful. 

There are several treatments. One of the newer entrants is the prescription drug Uloric, or its generic name febuxostat. It was introduced by Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 2009 and was then the first new gout treatment in forty years. New treatments are welcome, but they need to be effective and safe. There is some debate on whether Uloric meets the latter criteria.

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A former safety consultant for the company has filed a whistle-blower suit. The doctor has alleged that Takeda’s drug interacts with several other drugs and that there are significant side effects. These include an increase risk of heart attack and strokes, according to FDA’s study released in 2017.

We’re all for new treatments and medications, but the treatment shouldn’t be worse than the disease. Even makers of gout medicines should toe that line. Doctors and consumers have a right and a need to know about possible interactions and/or side effects. If you are having issues related to a febuxostat prescription, step in and see us.

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